" objectification is not a method of communicating that one wants to have sexual relations, but it may emulate the communication of a desire to have sexual relations as the symptoms are the same (touch and presentation, but without respect to their own or ones own subjective signifiance) "

- philosophy of the body  refresh

Order Against the Objectification of Women


What is the meaning of Life?

Preventing the corruption and manipulation of the most important artwork on planet earth (ourselves)

The meaning of life is to love.

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" the natural reaction to having being disrespected by objectification is to fight, but this action, having being prohibited by (modern) society, presents another logical contradiction, often resulting in the internal corruption of the individual (or repression, such as the introduction of new requirements/desires, all of these having little representation in objectification intolerant societies - child abuse, stalking, kidnapping, animal torture - punishing the objectified or our base animal nature) "

- philosophy of the body  refresh

                              - two wrongs do not make a right -

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