" some forms of satiric self-objectification may form out of disgust - as a reaction against the acceptance of the full and unlimited objectification of human beings by members of our society with the intention of demonstrating the inadequacy of this feat of the imagination when it is combined with actual human beings "

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Order Against the Objectification of Women


Introduction to Prayer and Meditation

Preventing the corruption and manipulation of the most important artwork on planet earth (ourselves)

What is Prayer?

On a physical basis, prayer involves the process of anthropomorphisation, and meditation involves confirmation of our narrative self.

  • allows one to recall and/or focus on the subjective significance of oneself and others (for example, through the blessing of another)
  • allows one to tie one's own well-being (time, effort, memory) to the well-being of another, one's own well-being becoming dependent upon their well-being thereby actively increasing the universal importance of their well-being
  • may involve the subjectification of a creative force
  • may involve subjecting oneself to uncomfortable experiences (eg patience, kneeling, boredom, etc) enabling development of self-control

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" apparent self-objectification may be used as an expression of one's respect for, understanding of, or desire for change in other people in society, in appreciation or distaste of one's own treatment, and people are free to express themselves in any way they want - whether it by intentionally dressing, talking, shouting, looking, staring, ignoring, shunning, filtering, walking, running, dancing, or driving "

- philosophy of the body  refresh

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